India - A Collection Of Photos

The Red Fort in New Delhi, India. It served as the main residence of the Mughal Emperors and was build from 1639 until 1648.
Lemonade seller in New Delhi, India.
Women with shaved heads, at India's biggest religious gathering called Kumbh Melah.
An unknown man waiting in line in front of a temple in Varanasi, India.
A friendly local who offered to row with me along the Ganges, in Varanasi, India.

The Smoking Sadhu - This gentlemen invited me to smoke at India's biggest religious gathering, Kumbh Melah. We sat together for a while in his tent, smoked, communicated with hand and feet and had a good time together. Sadhus, also often called Jogis, are people that follow a path of spiritual discipline and renunciate worldly belongings. There are plenty of Sadhus in holy Hinduistic cities such as Varanasi, Mattura or Madurai.

The two photos above show Kolkata's beautiful taxis from past decades.
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